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The willpower required to let the microwave beep 3 times when the food's finished (whilst watching!) is admirable.

I've had to watch this 3 times today. There's something about it that keeps bringing me back.

Gripped, start to finish.

The sound effects were glorious. Did you capture them from a real shooting range?

D-Liu responds:

Actually, there's a lot of gang violence in the area I live, so at night I ran out to record it.

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Great game... Funny glitch.

Really enjoyed the game, fast paced fun with the standard array of weapons. Don't want to spoil anything, but the last weapon you unlock kind of ruins the game with it's insane power, but it was very satisfying seeing the zombies going down so easily by that point in the game, haha.

I wish there was more of a balance to the weapons. What happens is after you unlock a new weapon, the previous one becomes obsolete. My weapon of choice is always the shotgun and it was kind of lame to never use it past the 10th level or whenever it was. Still though, it was alwas exciting to unlock a new one and have at the zomgies.

As for the glitch, I came across this when trying to figure out how to change weapons f you die in a level (which would have been a great option by the way. The game would be unplayable if you accidentally walked into the next level with weak weapons). If you right click the background and choose "rewind" then right click and choose "play" to get back to the start of the game menu again and then play the game, the game doubles in speed... if you did it a second time, it quadruples, and a time after that it goes 8x speed. Now playing the game in 8x speed definately gives it a new edge, haha!

Great game though, nice one!


OK, I had a good chuckle when I saw a memorial to my character spinning around on one of those rotating platforms! Very special.

Should have been more careful... now I'll never know...

...Until I delete my temporary storage and try again on Firefox! Mwa ha ha...

Fun, well animated and smooth gameplay!


I have to say I REALLY enjoyed this game - awesome and easy to pick up gameplay and fun NG related jokes and humour . Was great to play and looks like you had a lot of fun making it!

Started off frustrating as ANYTHING but once you get the hang of it, it's possible to rattle through it easily with any character. The bosses were fun, loved the Stamper & Jeff combo and the Wadolf bosses, haha, felt really nostalgic fighting those guys, reminded me so badly of Streets of Rage and other retro side scroller beat-em-ups.

Oh, and the achievement system - absaloutely loving it, considering I am a bit of an achievement whore... Seriously, thats the reason why I kept coming back to this game, I think it's a great way to get people hooked!

I notice a lot of people are talking about the difficulty and I believe also the game could have benefitted a lot from like an easy, medium and hard mode or something like that, but at the same time, again, just encourages you to keep coming back until you can beat it!

Great game, classic music, funny humour and just generally awesome, hahaha, nice one!

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Wow. Haven't seen anything about this game for about 20 years! The outlines capture the style great!

Man this game had so much going on. Awesome work.

I swear every day I see one of your concept characters, and they're all as bad ass as the last. You've got some serious talent to get these out so prolifically my guy. Love the drawing style and peturbed expressions of your dudes. Keep it up. More cool lizards plz.

jouste responds:

haha will do! I love my lizards. thanks for the kind words!



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