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2 Friends Play Minecraft on YouTube

2011-06-30 14:12:10 by Jimbo-Limbo

Oh hey, how's it going?

Thanks to the effort of our good friend "JB", we have been able to put or animation up on this "YouTube" we hear so much about.

2 Friends Play Minecraft on YouTube

Thanks to JB's hacks, it is now possible to watch it fullscreen in glorious HD. Magic. We've kept our awful special features just for Newgrounds though. It only feels right submitting here, really.

Cheers again for the front page and all the reviews! All of this is just excellent.

2 Friends Play Minecraft on YouTube


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2011-06-30 17:14:46

To quote a Spazkid video

"I'm gonna' make a Minecraft video...BECAUSE ITS NEVER FUCKING BEEN DONE BEFORE"

Jimbo-Limbo responds:

Name me 5 other Minecraft related videos. Apart from Derpcraft. And Minecraft Pals. And Minecraft Misadventures. And CSI Minecraft. And Yogscast. And...

You know what, forget I said anything.


2011-06-30 17:46:32

nice legs


2011-06-30 23:21:23

it's ok the characters are so terribly drawn that it looks nothing like minecraft

Jimbo-Limbo responds:

Perhaps drawing it all in MS paint might on a 64x64 pixel canvas might have helped.


2011-07-03 01:44:25

man turn '2 friends play' into a series and do like a comedy thing for a ton of games.


2011-07-03 15:53:33

I agree with that kid above me... I laughed sooo hard when your character slammed the sheeep into the tree over and over again. also.. if you need and voices for future project PM me and id love to help.


2011-07-06 17:57:15

I loved the sheep in your animation :D
check out my ng page :P


2011-09-10 05:11:19

Why did you make such a horrarable cartoon


I am crying now because of your bad thinking on making my faverite animal die

I ask this aether make a another video where the person in dark blue comes to visit besty still there on floor then he gives her a pork chop and then she gets back to normal and wanders into the wild therefor happy ending


2012-04-09 19:20:02

It didn't have sonic in it - put sonic plz. Why is this so badly animated (half of it anyway)? I love your accents though.